The Santiago Gourmet Experience

The Santiago Gourmet Experience is intended for those who want to try Galicia’s best produce!

This is a made-to-measure tour where we’ll be taking you to the places that suit you best. It can be octopus Galician-style, with olive oil and paprika; or seasonal seafood – think mussels, cockles, clams, scampi, gooseneck barnacles or razor clams; think local extraordinary wines, or tasty artesan beers. We will offer you different options so you can make up your mind and we’ll build an itinerary together.

Of course if you have any sort of special need – gluten free, allergies – it can be worked out if you tell us in advance.

The Santiago Gourmet Experience takes place in downtown Santiago, walking through its narrow streets and alleys, and it’s thought especially for individuals as well as for groups of 2 to 6 people.

For single travelers we have different options: ask us!
Bigger groups can be arranged although the program will have to be changed accordingly.

With the Santiago Seafood Experience you’ll pay the basic fee for our service plus the bills – you choose what to have and when to stop! If you have any particular interest or need we’ll be happy to work out a made-to-fit plan with you!

Price: our fee (100€) + you pick up the bills
What’s included: whatever you can master!
When: lunch (1-4 pm) or dinner (8-11 pm), all week (but keep in mind that Sundays and Mondays there’ll be fewer options).
How: on foot with an English-speaking food lover (that’s Anna!) – Jorge might join in!
Where: downtown Santiago in authentic places where locals go (or wherever you choose to go!)

To book this experience or for more information get in touch with us at!



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