About us

Hi, we are Anna Mayer and Jorge Guitián.

We have worked for over five six seven years in the food business, either studying it, writing about it, producing small and large scale events, participating in tv programs, teaching cookery courses. Now we are opening up our business to foreign visitors.

We travel a lot, especially around the Iberian Peninsula, looking out for markets, producers, traditional recipes, and nearly lost traditions. We like to learn about it, document it, and show it to others!

Now we offer our knowledge and our contacts to you, so you can experience the food and wine of Spain through locals. That’s what we like to do when we travel abroad!

A little more about ourselves:

Anna was born in Italy and she moved to Spain in 1997 after failing as a Philosopher in Venice. Her job focuses on Italian and Spanish traditional regional cooking, which she studies and teach to both Spaniards and foreigners in masterclasses all over Spain. She also writes on Zouk Magazine. You can follow her on her personal page annalibera and on panepanna, her cooking classes page.

Jorge is 100% Galician. He is an Art Historian and worked for almost a decade managing Cultural Heritage. He has been working with food culture since 2009, collaborating with some of the most known Spanish chefs. As a freelance food writer he writes on Vanity Fair Spain, Zouk Magazine and Gastronostrum among others. He is also the co-author of three books about food and cooking and a Gourmand World Cookbook Award winner. He is the author of one of the most veteran foodblogs in Spain (since 2004), Diario del Gourmet de Provincias.