An Atlantic weekend

Alborada, Coruña / the kilomeaters

We spent yesterday in Coruña. I had my monthly cooking class at a local shopping centre, but this time, instead of packing everything up and heading back home, we stayed for the night because we had a flight to catch today. It was a great excuse (as if we needed one!) to visit Alborada, Ivan Domínguez’s restaurant. They work with one fixed menu (50€ plus drinks, a really good price for a Michelin star) but we had a few dishes more… are we or are we not professionals?

Today we’re flying to Seville and from there the Academia Andaluza de Gastronomía y Turismo is taking us to El Puerto de Santa María. Only good things can come out of that place, but if on top of that it’s the Annual Academy’s Awards celebration, with a cocktail at Aponiente today and lunch at Osborne’s winery tomorrow… MANY good things will happen!

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