Granada trip coming up

2013 0920 20iTomorrow we’ll be driving down to Granada – yes, we’ re going by car.

Although it is a long drive (over 1.000 km, about 10 hours plus stopovers) it’s the way we prefer to travel. First, coming from our tiny village on the coast of Galicia, it’s usually as fast as plane or train (actually by train it could take us even 12 hours!). Second, it gives us a chance to visit places along the road that otherwise we would miss. And last but not least, we like to drive and the car is a bit like an office for us, we talk a lot and there is where we think about work and stuff.

This is a gastronomical & cultural press trip organized by the Academia Andaluza de Gastronomía y Turismo, so we’ll be visiting monuments and restaurants. Our kind of thing, clearly. If you want to follow us on our trip, keep an eye on twitter and instagram!

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