[file] O Camiño do Inglés, Ferrol

In the heart of Ferrol’s downtown O Camiño do Inglés is the most innovative place to eat. Last November Daniel López’s restaurant received a Michelin’s Bib Gourmand – which means they offer “exceptional good food at moderate prices”.

The menu changes constantly – actually there is no menu but two large slates stating the 15 dishes available for the day, plus desserts.

The dishes are thought like big-sized tapas because they are meant to be shared and enjoyed – with the exception of house classics like the Octopus Kebab (really tasty!). Lots of fresh local fish – often raw or marinated – and interesting flavour combinations which mix Galician products and recipes with foreign ingredients and techniques. We especially loved the seabass and beetroot (picture below).

Another thing we loved here is their wine list, and their interest in Sherry wines!

Prices are around 8€-12€ for each dish with peaks of 16€ for some special item. You can have a good experience sharing 6 dishes and a bottle of wine and spend around 40€ per person, although you might want to choose the Menú degustación (8 dishes, 37€ per person plus drinks). On Thursdays they have the Menú del Inglés, 25€ for 5 dishes (drinks not included).

O Camiño do Inglés
San Francisco 17
15401 Ferrol

+34 981 35 20 90

mail ocaminodoingles@ocaminodoingles.com
web www.ocaminodoingles.com
on facebook O Camino do Inglés
on twitter @ocaminodoingles
on instagram @ocaminodoingles

Hours: closed Mondays all day, Sunday night and Thursday night. Lunch 1:30-4PM, Dinner 8:30-11:30 PM

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O Camiño do Inglés
Cod usuzukuri with cauliflower cream and allada sauce
O Camiño do Inglés
Sea bass and beetroot
O Camiño do Inglés
Great wines!
O Camiño do Inglés
Foie micuit, sea urchin and corn. To be eaten while drinking amontillado
O Camiño do Inglés
The whole menu

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