Welcome to 2016!


First of all, happy 2016!

We’ve been silent over here, but just because we were busy with our Spanish projects and preparing the Spring-Summer 2016 season for The Kilomeaters.

In November we travelled to Valencia to attend Gastronoma, the local yearly food event. It was as usual a good excuse for a long drive through Spain (we love doing it!) and  the chance to visit places we didn’t know yet. Interesting food in Valencia, of course! More to come on this.

Our cooking classes (in Spanish) took us to develop new programs centered around cheese, which we are taking to artesan cheese shops around the country, and around seaweed which is a very interesting ingredient that has been exploited in Galicia for a few years.

tapas migas Seville Spain
A delicious tapa of migas con jamón (bread crumbs with ham and garlic)

Anna was in Seville for a week, doing a Galician empanada class and catching up with local Queen of Tapas a.k.a. Sevilla Tapas a.k.a. Shawn Hennessey. A week of tapas, Sherry wine  and sun!


Jorge was one of the invited speakers at Culinary Action, an entrepeneurs forum organized by the Basque Culinary Centre which joined on stage Michelin-starred as well as up-and-coming Galician chefs, media experts and journalists to talk about the ups and downs of the food business and give some learning material to future restaurateurs.


Book talk

In December we were in Madrid for a couple of days. Anna was participating in a book talk about Italian fresh pasta -as the author of the prologue, and we took the chance to lead a special blind tasting of artesan vs. industrial cheese at Quesería Cultivo. The day in between was spent exploring new openings and exotic restaurants…

2015 1203 01

In Ferrol, near Coruña, Jorge was one of the jurors of the local tapas competition – and we could finally eat at O Camiño do Inglés.

As you can see, a lot of new material we can’t wait to share with you in the next weeks!

But first, we have to get the living room ready, because tonight we’ll receive a very special visit… more on this tomorrow!


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