Cornets and drums in Santiago!

You can see my excited smile even from behind!

We were quietly having a coffee at Hotel Costa Vella (more on that tomorrow) when I heard cornets and drums in the distance. I paid it no attention, thinking it was the tv with some (loud) news on Seville. But then the sound got louder, and closer, and the rolling drums were clearly live.

2015 1015 12
A proper band, with cornets and loads of drums

Jorge was abandoned to his fate (and to get the check) while I rushed out, not wanting to miss such an event! You see, processions are quite normal in Seville – there’s always a Cofradía taking around the Virgin statue for some reason – but even there it’s thrilling when you have an unexpected encounter with a procession. To have it in Santiago, where processions aren’t that big, not even at Easter, was a total surprise.

2015 1015 13
Unlike Seville’s processions, all the bearers here seemed to be clergy

I still don’t know what was the occasion for the procession- that day was Santa Teresa, but somebody on facebook told me it had something to do with the Fatima Virgin. Whatever it was, it made me so happy. I’m not religious at all, but I just love processions!
2015 1015 15

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