[file] Mercado de Abastos, Santiago

They say this is the second most visited monument in the city after the Cathedral, and although we’re not sure how they count that we’re very happy to support the idea. Santiago’s market is a real market, where you can buy fresh produce, possibly the best in town. No fancy gourmet stands for tourists, this is where people (who are free in the morning) go to buy. If you’re not self-catering the fish and meat stalls might not be very interesting, but the fresh fish and seafood are always a show worth seeing. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be bought though, and most of the stalls sell product they grow themselves. You can find also salted cod, wines, seeds (you might want to grow some Padrón Peppers back home!) and housewares. Around the market, Abastos 2.0 and Café de Altamira are great places to have lunch or just a drink and a tapa.

Mercado de Abastos
rúa Ameás, s/n
Santiago de Compostela (Coruña)
+34 981 583 438 / +34 617 405 262

web: www.mercadodeabastosdesantiago.com
on Facebook: Mercado de Abastos
on twitter: @prazadeabastos

Open Monday to Saturday 8 am to 2 pm

Octopus sellers at the market
Pulpeiro, (cooked) octopus sellers . You can have a plate right there!
Corn bread
Good bread can be found at the market, corn bread (broa) included.
Salt cod seller
The salted cod stall, at the far end, is worth visiting!
market, Galicia, Spain
Meat stall at Santiago de Compostela’s Mercado de Abastos
20130723 08
Fresh fish and seafood


    • Abastos is a new twist on Galician products. In the Taberna you can have small tastings, mostly fish-wise. In the Ghalpon (opposite the Taberna) the set-menu at lunch is highly recommended, plus they do dinners on weekends.

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