[file] Casa Pepe de la Judería, Córdoba

On the verge of turning 100 years old, Casa Pepe de la Judería is one of the icons of Córdoba’s traditional cuisine. Right in the heart of the historical area this is a great choice whether you choose to try some of their tapas in the taberna or you prefer to take a journey through local cuisine in the restaurant upstairs. Classics such as the mazmorra (a cold almond soup), the salmorejo (gazpacho’s thicker relative), the fried aubergines or one of the best bulltail stew you can find in the city share the menu with more up to date dishes. Local wines, traditional ambiance without being too tourist-y, friendly service.

Casa Pepe de la Judería
Calle del Romero, 1
14003 Córdoba
+34 957 20 07 44

web: restaurantecasapepedelajuderia.com
On Facebook: Casa Pepe de la Judería
On twitter: @casapepecordoba

Open Monday to Sunday 1-4 pm and 7.30-11.30 pm

Mazmorra, one of Córdoba’s cold soups.
Bull tail, traditional meat stew

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