Coruña, the Forum and the city

Tapas, we have tapas!

During the Fòrum Gastronómico in Coruña we were quite busy working throughout the three days – talk of multi-tasking! Jorge got to introduce four different chefs’ workshops – Andrés Medici of Vigo’s O Sushi, Iván Bermúdez of Coruña’s Alborada, Javier Olleros of O Grove’s Culler de Pau and Julio Sotomayor and Dani Guzmán of Ourense’s Nova -, we did a workshop for Sierra Mágina’s extra virgin olive oil and every day we served 25 simple but different tapas at the local newspaper’s, La Voz de Galicia, stand.

The whole Sierra Mágina’s team.

So we had little time to see and enjoy the rest of the Forum but we did the best we could. Workshops, producers, tastings and most of all a lot of networking! Of course we also had a chance to visit new places in Coruña, which we’ll tell you about soon. Actually we left feeling a need for more, and we’ll go back for a weekend in May!

Jorge introducing one of the workshops.

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