[restaurants] 3 recommendations for eating around Alicante

We’ve just been three days in Alicante for a culinary congress, GastroAlicante, and we had the chance to eat at three different restaurants. We really enjoyed the three places, so here’s our tips.

Pigeon rice with red curry alioli, Brel (El Campello, Alicante)
Pigeon rice with red curry alioli, Brel (El Campello, Alicante)


Formerly a pasta and pizza place on the beach in El Campello, close to Alicante, it completely changed its style last december, when Gregory Rome, thw owners’ son, took over the kitchen. Only 25, Rome cooks traditional food with a contemporary twist. The Pigeon rice was truly amazing, and the wine list is exceptional. The special menu can be eaten at the “Mesa Cero”, the kitchen table where the whole staff will set up a show for five special guests.


Nuestra Barra

Tapas are not the same all over Spain: in Seville you’ll pay for little dishes of food, in Galicia you get complimentary tapas with your drink, in the Basque Country you have pintxos… and in Alicante you eat at the barras. Food is simple and good, product at its best. Here we had shrimps, white and red (gamba blanca and gamba roja),  salted fish which is very traditional in Alicante, wonderful artichokes with onion marmalade and some foie gras, and so on… Nuestra Barra is in Torrellano, a not very nice neighbourhood near the Airport and Elche, not very handy to visit but if you’re in the area…

La Barra de Monastrell

Downtown Alicante (at last!) you can choose the Michelin-starred Monastrell restaurant or the simpler Barra. María José San Román is a self-taught cook and makes simple, traditional, tasty food with top ingredients. Everything is delicious – from the olive oil tasting, to the lobster rice, to the monkfish liver with shiitake mushrooms, to the lamb meatballs with yoghurt sauce.

calle Sant Vicent, 91
El Campello (Alicante)
965 630 701
Winter open Thursday to Tuesday 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.00 – 23.30
Summer open every day 13.00-01.00 (kitchen closed 18.00-19.00)

Nuestra Barra
Calle Consueta, 6
Torrellano (Elche, Alicante)
965 107 900 / mobile (Whatsapp) 670 369 686
Open every day, Monday to Saturday 09.00-23.00, Sunday 10.00-16.00

La Barra del Monastrell
calle Rafael Altamira, 7
965 14 65 75

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