[Spanish food] Cocido, eating the pig nose to tail

It’s rainy and cold, it’s cocido time!

02 Cocido La Molinera

Cocido is serious winter fare. Every Spanish region has its own kind of cocido – a stew of beans (white beans or chickpeas) and pork, with some vegetables. Asturian fabada is a kind of cocido, Seville’s puchero, Madrid’s cocido madrileño… Galician cocido is an ode to pork. There are local differences, some carry vegetables (turnip’s greens or cabbage) some don’t, some have only pork meat, some have a little beef and chicken too, some have one kind of chorizo some have more… however you cook it, what they all have in common is that it’s A LOT.

20140222_145711These pictures are from a cocido we had at La Molinera in Lalín. For a set price of 40€ you get the whole story. First, a noodle soup, thick and warm. Then the cocido spread: chickpeas and two different kinds of chorizo in one platter, boiled potatoes and turnip greens on another, different cuts of pork meat (tail, ribs, ham) and then the pig’s head, called cacheira or cachola, which gets sliced in front of you. The waiter will make sure that you get a bit of everything: the top of the ears, the base of the ears (which has a completely different texturer and flavour), the nose, the cheek, the neck…

The whole thing is about eating too much and not being able to clean off your plate, because as soon as you’ve made a little space on it someone will come and put more meat on it. It’s a meat lover festival!

Some dessert is necessary, of course, so you’ll get some cheese (Arzua style), filloas (very thin pancakes) and honey.

An experience not for the faint-hearted but that must be tried if you have the chance!

La Molinera
calle Rosalía de Castro, 17
36500 Lalín (Pontevedra)
986 782 055
closed Wednesday


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