[Spanish life] Entroido, Galician carnival

Carnival is here again – or as they call it in Galicia, Entroido. Here they take carnival to another level, and I’d say that now is when the parties begin – and they end at the end of summer. We start to see the end of winter, and it’s a good enough reason to celebrate!

Galician Carnival mask
A traditional mask int he streets of Negreira (Coruña)

There are traditional Carnivals which are very famous and well known, such as the ones in Verín and Xinzo, but the truth is that it is felt and celebrated everywhere. The above picture was taken in Negreira a couple of years ago: the straw coat is an old traditional “raincoat” and it was turned into a mask. This man just walked around, silent.

Feiraco leche entroido

Entroido is everywhere, even the supermarket: Feiraco, one of the local milk brands, every year choses a different motiv to celebrate, such as dressing up the milk cartons as Cigarrons (a different mask for whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed).

Entroido Verín
Cigarróns in Verín (Ourense). Photo by TurGalicia

If there’s a celebration there’s also food, of course! The traditional sweets for these days are fried, such as Orellas de Carnaval – Carnival Ears. You can find them in pastry shops, although the best ones are made at home.

If you’d like to know more about Galician traditional food, or learn how to cook it, join one of our tours or book one of our cooking classes!

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