[Spanish food] Flores de Carnaval – sweet flowers in winter

Winter is such an important season in Galicia: it’s cold and wet but it’s also when some of the most important events of the year take place. First of all the matanza, that’s the pig slaughter that’s still done at home in some villages. Then the Carnival, which has many different celebrations all through the region although where it seems to be more felt is in the interior areas of Ourense and Lugo. And what ties all this together is, of course, food.

Flores de Carnaval

Cocido – boiled pork – is the king of winter, and we’ll talk about that later on. But no celebration is such unless there’s something sweet, and that’s why we’d like to show you the Flores, flowers. These are crispy fried sweets which are made dipping a hot iron, in the shape of a flower, into a batter and then dipped in hot frying oil. The batter hardens and leaves the iron, producing thus these wonderful sweets.

Flores de Carnaval

Fried sweets are common in Carnival all through Europe, in Galicia you can find also Orellas (“Ears”), an eggy dough, enriched with some alcohol, which is rolled out very finely and then fried in hot oil, and given the shape of an ear. It calls to mind Amman’s Ears, which although have a completely different recipe probably originate from the same Jewish recipe.

Flores de Carnaval

You can find Flores in some pastry shops, in season, or you can come and learn how to cook them with us!

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