The Nazareno and the Shrouds, a unique procession in the Ria de Arousa

El Nazareno” is a procession held on the third Sunday in September in the town of A Pobra do Caramiñal, in the Barbanza paeninsula. It’s called also “As mortallas“, The Shrouds.

People who have almost died and survived (thanks to the intervention of Jesus the Nazarene) take part in the procession dressed as penitents accompanied by their relatives and carrying a candle. Some of them even carry – always with the help of their relatives – an emoty coffin, as a reminder of what could have happened but didn’t.

The origins of this festival seem to go back to the 15th century, and are connected with an offering made by the town alderman, who recovered from a serious illness on the eve of the procession.

Around the procession, the town is celebrating its local festivities, so you can find many sellers of local bread, chorizo, salt pork, rosquillas, churros and, of course, octopus! Marching bands and gaitas provide the soundtrack and the whole mix might seem a bit of a jumble. Our advice is, as always, do as the locals do: join in, be respectful and enjoy!


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