[restaurants] Seafood (and more) at Abastos 2.0

I’m going through a major reorganization of my pictures – I know, don’t tell me about it, but once I’ve started I have to go through with it – and I just found these I took three years ago at Abastos 2.0 in Santiago.

Abastos 2.0 is now a classic in the Santiago scene, but when it opened back in December 2009 it was a real revolution: a market stall turned bar, tapas instead of raciones, a different style of cooking and thinking. They always say that they have the largest pantry – the market. Every morning they’ll buy the fresh produce at the market, and they source locally as much as they can.

The original market stall is still there, and it’s still my favourite Abastos. On the opposite side there’s a bigger space, the Storehouse, and in Carril there’s the seaside Fishing Store.

Escabeche mussels
Escabeche mussels / Mejillones en escabeche.
Fresh clams
Clams / Almejas (huge!)
Vaca vella
Beef / Vaca bella – a word play on vella (old in Galician) and bella (beautiful).


All wines and drinks at Abastos 2.0 are from Galicia.

Here’s a short video about them!

And here’s a piece of a tv program Jorge shot about Seafood Preserves in Galicia

Praza de Abastos (Market)
Stalls 13-18
Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
981 576 145

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