Tapas in Seville: sea anemone and shark

When I’m tapa-hunting in Seville I usually look for three things: fish, pork or traditional dishes. The other day at La Pepona I had my fill of fish and traditional fare.

Sea anemone croquettes
Sea anemone croquettes

First, some sea anemone croquettes. Sea anemone (anemonia sulcata) are eaten in various parts of the Mediterranean and in Andalusia they’re considered a prelibacy. In Galicia you can find them in the rocks but nobody eats them! I admit I’m not the biggest fan of sea anemone because of the flavour and texture. I can stand the flavour – really concentrated – although just a bit of it, but the texture, runny and slimy, is too much for me. Well. it turns out that when made intro croquettes – instead of simply deep-fried – sea anemone loses a bit of the textures, just enough so I can enjoy the flavour!

Shark stew
Shark stew

My second choice was Caella en amarillo, a fish stew made with Caella (prionace glauca) a small shark which is known for its tight flesh. This tapa is a revised version of the traditional dish, but the flavours are all there. Garlic, potatoes, peas, peppers, parsley and saffron (although people nowadays use artificial colouring…).

To drink, a relative of Sherry, a glass of Generoso del Condado, a Fino-like white wine which goes perfectly with fish (and actually anything else). Interestingly, at La Pepona they now serve full glasses (150 ml) or half glasses (75 ml) of wine, which is excellent if you want to taste many different wines (and they have a very good wine list) without getting drunk and poor.

Tapas are 3,50€-5,00€ and wine by the glass starts around 2,60€.

La Pepona
Javier Lasso de la Vega, 1
954 21 50 26
Closes Sundays

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