Foraging in Galicia: Dandelion sandwich

Late winter and early spring are the best times of year to forage for young dandelion leaves. Even without its yellow flower, the plant is easy to spot. It grows in damp and sheltered places, and every time we go out for a walk we take a handful of leaves home. In Italy you can buy a domesticated version of this, to be eaten boiled, but this one is so fresh and wild that we use it raw: just a little bit ofit goes a long way.

20131209 06

We pick the youngest leaves, although before flowering all of them are quite nice to eat. After the flowers come out you really have to pick just the tiniest leaves, otherwise it’s too rough. 20131209 10

Here we picked some plantain as well, which goes perfectly in a salad or in a…

Diente de león

…sandwich! It’s as easy as delicious: you only need bread, some butter, some Worcester sauce, a few drops of lemon juice, dandelion leaves. It’s full of flavour and bitter and fresh at the same time.

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