[producers] Cortes de Muar, a new old cheesemaker in Galicia

Cortes de Muar cheese

Cheese in Galicia usually means fresh stuff: cheese is not matured for long – think of Arzúa-Ulloa or Tetilla cheese – and sometimes just a little smoked – such as San Simón cheese. The main qualities people expect in a cheese are creaminess, both in texure and in taste.  Rita and Germán García, owners and cheesemakers at Cortes de Muar produce their traditional cheeses – Tetilla and “local” (which is an Arzúa-Uolla-style cheese, but without the D.O. brand) – according to tradition, just like their parents did. With a fresher look and and appealing marketing which focuses on quality and local entrepreneurship, they’ve managed to make themselves noticed.

Silver medal award winner at this year's World Cheese Awards

And now that they have our attention, they try new stuff. Last November they went to Good Food’s World Cheese Awards and came back with one of the silver medals… with a Cheddar cheese! They call it “a Cheddar-style cheese with a Galician twist”: they use the ‘cheddaring’ technique but with a different shape. This cheese has aged 6 months, and was certainly something new among Galician mild cheeses!

If you’re curious about their products, you can find them on Hermeneus or Es de raíz.

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