[places] Logroño Market


San Blas Market is the main fresh-produce market in downtown Logroño, Rioja. As in most of Spain, pork is the king of the market. There are very few fish stands, and the market is basically divided between meat and vegetables stands.


La Rioja (like its neighbour Navarra) is famour for its vegetables: artichokes (alcachofas), red peppers (these are Pimientos de Cristal), cardoons (cardos), borage (borraja).

20131113 01

Artichokes are sold by the dozen (4€) and with the leaves still attached to keep them fresher.

20131113 02

Pig and lamb’s ears, as well as trotters, are sold along cured pork ribs, heads, tails. If a pig has it, you can get it.

20131113 03

Local beans, called caparrones, can be found in the shops around the market, which also sell local preserves and other kinds of beans.

After the shopping, a glass of wine (Rioja of course!) on calle Laurel will make the whole Rioja Experience perfect.

Mercado de San Blas
Sagasta, 1
La Rioja
Open mornings Monday to Saturday

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